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About CenITex

CenITex vision
A connected and ICT enabled public sector.

CenITex mission
To broker, provide and manage ICT services for the public sector that best enable the delivery of responsive and cost effective services to the people of Victoria.
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  • CenITex background
    Late in 2006, two Department of Treasury and Finance (DTF) owned new ICT shared services organisations - the Shared Services Centre (SSC) and Information & Technology Services (IT&S) - were created. On 16 July 2008 CenITex was formed following the merger of these two organisations as a state owned enterprise with the aim of providing ICT infrastructure and desktop services for Government departments and agencies.

    On 26 April 2012, the Governor in Council declared CenITex a reorganising body under Section 7(1) of the State Owned Enterprises Act 1992. The CenITex inaugural Board retired and Grant Hehir, Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance, was subsequently appointed as the Board Chair and sole member of the Board. On
    15 October 2013 Victoria’s Chief Technology Advocate Grantly Mailes replaced Mr Hehir as sole Director and Chair of the CenITex Board. Two months later, three new members - Conrad Harvey, Randall Straw and Richard Tait - joined Mr Mailes on the CenITex Board.

    A program of public sector reform, coupled with a continued focus on developing a culture of service, foreshadowed a change in direction for CenITex during the 2012-13 financial year. The release of the Securing Victoria’s Economy strategy in December 2012, and the link to external website opens in a new window Victorian Government ICT Strategy in February 2013, provided a clear pathway for the future role of CenITex – one aimed at enabling a more efficient and effective use of ICT across Government by leveraging services available from the private sector.

    Evolve is the name given to the program underway to achieve that outcome. This change in direction is moving CenITex from being a provider of ICT services to a broker and manager of ICT services to Victorian Government departments and agencies. While this transition occurs, CenITex will continue to provide current services to its customers. Read more about Program Evolve.


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