AR 2013-14 Chairman Report

The past 12 months has seen CenITex maintain quality ICT services during a period of significant change and cost containment.

CenITex realised a $7 million turnaround to break even this year after recording successive deficits of $37.5 million and $6.995 million in the previous two financial years. At the same time, service benchmarks were maintained and investment made in remediating aged infrastructure that represented the highest risk to maintaining service levels.

The continued consolidation of core ICT services and the transition of more Victorian Government department customers to a shared operating environment has enabled CenITex to position its customers to take advantage of more cost effective business applications and services. 

CenITex began the migration of the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries to Windows 7. CenITex now has five departments operating on the Government Shared Platform and the capability to expand the use of cloud-based services. The introduction of a more robust mail and calendar application for smartphones and tablets paves the way for new mobility services in the future. 

During the past financial year CenITex through Program Evolve made significant progress in preparing to transition the delivery of its ICT infrastructure services to the private sector. We held extensive dialogue with potential vendors and customers to help shape a Request for Proposal (RFP). Responsibility for managing the RFP process now passes to the Department of State Development, Business and Industry (DSDBI).

These achievements in challenging times highlight the capabilities and dedication of CenITex staff. I thank all for their professionalism and resilience during this time. CenITex will aim to continue to deliver high quality, efficient ICT services in a cost-effective manner while supporting DSDBI and our staff during the changes ahead.

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Randall Straw