AR 2013-14 Our Customers

In 2013-14, CenITex continued its focus on maintaining high levels of customer service. This is central to CenITex effectively serving Victorian government departments and state agencies and continuing to deliver reliable, responsive ICT services.

5.1 Customer Committee

Stakeholder Advisory Committee 
The Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) ensures that strong and open relationships between CenITex and its customers are built and maintained at a senior management level. This committee is a key forum for CenITex customer departments to raise issues of concern or initiate advice that may be considered by the CenITex board and management. 
The SAC provides a forum for customer departments to discuss collectively all generic service provisioning in relation to:

  • future strategic direction
  • new services
  • the CenITex service catalogue
  • pricing and service levels.

SAC membership
CenITex Chief Executive – Michael Vanderheide
CenITex Director Customer Engagement – Bill Diamond
Relevant departmental senior ICT executives or CIOs.

SAC meetings
There were five meetings during the year. SAC meetings were supplemented with numerous additional meetings, comprised of the same membership, and focused on Program Evolve.

5.2 Machinery-of-Government Changes

On 9 April 2013, the Victorian Government announced a new structure which came into effect on 1 July 2013. CenITex provided ICT support to the establishment of three new departments involving a number of CenITex customers. Finalisation of MoG changes during 2013-14 included the relocation of 2000 workstations. 

5.3 Engaging new customers

We completed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with DSDBI to move the department onto the Customer Service Catalogue, providing DSDBI with a single source of information about service deliverables and price, while simplifying invoicing and standardising resource allocation. 

In light of the strategy to transition CenITex customer services to the private sector, no new customers were engaged in 2013-14.

5.4 Customer Service Improvements 

Account management 
The account management team supported the development and delivery of customer roadmap plans for each of our customers, outlining key projects, and mapping dependencies within each customer’s project activity list and with other customer projects. 

Customer satisfaction 
CenITex uses the QuickPoll customer survey tool to gather customer feedback, improve customer response and support technical and service analysts. Over the past year, the customer satisfaction rating has consistently exceeded the key performance indicator (KPI) of 95 per cent (combining both positive and neutral scores). Customer satisfaction across all Service Operations teams averaged 89 per cent positive, nine per cent neutral, and two per cent negative. The Service Desk was added to the QuickPoll survey tool in November 2013, increasing the average survey response to 1500 users a month.

ICT improvements
Customers have benefitted from improvement and upgrades in essential ICT infrastructure that have allowed us to improve our customer service and reduce our costs. Improvement to our network and data centres has included:

  • migration of over 2500 Government Shared Platform (GSP) customers from mSuite mobility solution to the better integrated and cost effective Traveler solution.
  • consolidation of all legacy storage area networks (SAN) within the GSP onto a NetApp platform. It marked the end of a two year journey that has seen over a petabyte of storage migrated and consolidated to a single vendor platform.
  • upgrade of two enterprise data centres to include new infrastructure, firewalls, switches and load balancers.
  • consolidated VicGov identity management infrastructure, simplifying directory architecture and significantly reducing operational costs through the removal of 82 servers.
  • introduction of a new self-service network password reset service to enable users to reset their passwords without having to contact the Service Desk.

5.5 New Customer Projects 

In 2013–14 we delivered a number of major projects that support customers. Specifically we:

  • extended DEPI’s user identity management process to the GSP by transferring an Active Directory service and an Active Directory Federation service to GSP. This enabled external and internal user authentication to Line of Business applications.
  • supported the Department of Human Services (DHS) in developing an infrastructure platform for the planned upgrade of the DHS Integrated Client and Case Management system at the primary data centre at Burwood and the secondary data centre in Ballarat. ICCMS is a critical 24 x 7 business application that supports the Department’s child protection activities.
  • migrated a critical Land Victoria (LV) imaging system which helps LV manage Victorian land administration and property information. The project consolidated the system and other critical systems onto existing hardware and established a disaster recovery environment at Ballarat. This service is co-managed by CenITex and LV.
  • designed and deployed the technical infrastructure environment for the Department of Justice to better utilise a human resources payroll application, Chris21, to process the payroll for 7000 employees.
  • upgraded the data communications network to 10 regional research centres for DEPI, which conducts significant research to improve the productivity of Victoria's agricultural industries. This program has provisioned a dedicated computer network for specialist scientific equipment, increased the network connection speeds and enhanced the network functionality.

5.6 Customer Service Catalogue 

CenITex is committed to providing customers with high-quality ICT services and transparent charging. To support this commitment, a Customer Service Catalogue is published at the start of every financial year. It features all products and services, corporate service levels and pricing available to customers, and guidance on how to obtain these services.

CenITex continued to improve its Customer Service Catalogue in 2013-14. After extension discussions, DSDBI transitioned onto the service catalogue, which also services DTPLI, DEPI, departments of Premier and Cabinet, Treasury and Finance, and their associated agencies, and the Environment Protection Authority, and Public Transport Victoria. 

CenITex has continued its year-on-year refinement of the catalogue to provide additional information for customers and ensure the document is even easier to browse. The current catalogue, released on 1 July 2013, has boosted the level of data and information on CenITex core services. 

New features introduced to the 2013–14 catalogue were:

  • upgrade of the mSuite smartphone and tablet service environment to the cheaper and better integrated Traveler service. The mSuite service was discontinued on 30 June 2014.
  • introduction of Microsoft OS Windows7 64-bit workplace option to complement the 32-bit option.
  • the Service Centre Business System Management service, and
  • a new network load balancing service and associated pricing.

The catalogue provides customers with a single source of information about service deliverables.

5.7 Outlook for 2014-15

Consistent with the Victorian Government ICT Strategy 2014-15, and in the context of ensuring financial solvency during the transition of CenITex, our focus will be on maintaining the stability of current services for our customers. 

CenITex will continue to leverage the ICT platform developed over the past six years to meet the needs of our customer departments and agencies. Given the planned transition, there will be a limited focus on the provision of new services unless there is a critical customer need (e.g. state emergency, bushfires etc.).

This will be done by:

  • maintaining our disciplined approach to service delivery
  • maximising stability by minimising change
  • continuing to address high risk priorities with a reduced focus on lower priority risks
  • maximising and maintaining flexibility of key third party arrangements.

CenITex will continue to review its service offering in the coming financial year to ensure that it meets customer expectations and needs. 

Further information on the outlook for CenITex is included in Outlook.