AR 2014-15: 1. From the Chairman

The past 12 months has seen CenITex maintain quality ICT services during a time of continued uncertainty, but one of increased demand for our services.  

The year-end brought certainty for our hard working and resilient staff with the Government decision to discontinue the full outsourcing of CenITex and maintain our role as a provider of critical, secure and reliable ICT services to Victorian Government departments and agencies.  

CenITex realised a significant surplus this year after steady improvement over the previous two years. Service benchmarks were also maintained and investment made in remediating aged infrastructure which in turn has reduced service risks. 

CenITex is also realising the operational efficiencies and cost savings from consolidating core ICT services and the transition of Victorian Government department customers onto a shared operating environment (Government Shared Platform), which has enabled CenITex to maintain its customer pricing for 2015-16 at 2014-15 levels. The decision by the Department of Health and Human Services to migrate to the GSP is an endorsement of this investment and hard work.  

Despite these solid gains, there is more work to be done to better meet stakeholder expectations. I note the Government’s decision to enhance the CenITex Board with the inclusion of customer representatives, which will strengthen our capacity to build stronger relationships and collaborative planning capabilities.  

CenITex faces significant challenges and a paradigm shift in our business model – we intend to be more adaptable, customer-focussed and able to partner with market based service providers to deliver more timely and cost effective services.  

I am confident that CenITex is well placed to further improve the delivery of customer-focussed ICT services to support a modern, agile and productive public service.  

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Randall Straw