AR 2015-16 Chairman report

The past 12 months has seen CenITex continue its focus on improving customer service and on the delivery of contemporary ICT services in support of a modern, agile and productive Victorian public sector.

This year, the Board has been enhanced with the addition of five new members, four of whom are drawn from our customer base. When you see things more directly through the eyes of the customer you do things differently and this insight is helping make CenITex a much more responsive and collaborative organisation. 

For the second successive year, CenITex recorded a surplus, with this year of $7.5 million. Our tight control of costs and the realisation of efficiencies from the refresh of core infrastructure assets has allowed us to reduce customer prices in 2016/17 by 5 per cent across the board, with the expectation of a similar reduction next year. 

In addition to price reductions, budgeting for and achieving a surplus has allowed us to invest in the development of new services through the establishment this year of a $2 million Innovation Fund, open to our customers. The application of this fund has led to a range of successful initiatives, including the process to rapidly migrate physical server assets to a virtualised environment, securely host applications in a public cloud environment, and enable mobile devices to securely access business applications, giving our customers better tools and much greater flexibility in the way they work. 

The threat of cyber intrusion is ever present, and this year the Board approved a $6 million three-year security uplift program to guard against increasingly sophisticated attacks. The foundations of this uplift are already in place with a new round-the-clock Security Operations Centre, a new intrusion protection system, tighter controls on business applications and faster ways to implement upgrades and patches to our security systems. I look forward to the completion next year of a rolling two-year security strategy developed in collaboration with our customers. 

Our work in the areas of security, cloud services and in building a new services roadmap has been done in close collaboration with our customers. The establishment of three customer reference groups on cloud, cyber security, and ICT architecture has greatly aided in the forecasting, design and planning of these new services. 

Given the successes of the past year, the strength of our teams and the foundations that are being built for the future, I am confident that we remain well placed to deliver best value ICT services for the Victorian Government.

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Randall Straw