CenITex Annual Report 2013-14

Annual Report 2013-14

9 September 2014

The Hon. Gordon Rich-Phillips MLC
Minister for Technology
Department of Treasury and Finance
1 Macarthur Street
Melbourne Vic 3002

Dear Minister


I am pleased to submit the 2013-14 Annual Report of CenITex, including the Financial Statements for the year ended 30 June 2014, for presentation to Parliament, pursuant to Part 7 of the Financial Management Act 1994.

Yours sincerely

image of signature of Randall Straw

Randall Straw 

Our vision

A connected and ICT-enabled public sector. 

Our mission

To broker, provide and manage ICT services for the public sector that best enable the delivery of responsive and cost-effective services to the people of Victoria.

How we work

CenITex is committed to placing the customer at the centre of everything we do, and this underpins our behaviour and decision making. 

This means we strive to be:

Customer focused

  • Listen and respond
  • Make it easy to do business
  • Keep our customers informed
  • Be open in our dealings
  • Provide value for money

Results driven

  • Deliver services the customer needs
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Measure our performance and act on the results

Team players

  • Collaborate and share information
  • Value the giving and receiving of constructive feedback

People oriented

  • Be accountable for our actions
  • Respect people and their contributions
  • Maintain professional behaviour at all levels
  • Embrace our diversity
  • Understand that our services affect people’s working lives every day
  • Behave ethically in all that we do
  • Speak plainly with each other and our customers


  1. AR 2013-14 Chairman Report
  2. AR 2013-14 Chief Executive Report
  3. AR 2013-14 About CenITex

    3.1 CenITex overview

  4. AR 2013-14 Governance and Organisational Structure

    4.1 Our Governance
    4.2 Relationship to the Minister
    4.3 Board of Directors
    4.3.1 CenITex governance – committees
    4.4 Organisational structure
    4.5 Executive Leadership Team Key Roles and Responsibilities

  5. AR 2013-14 Our Customers

    5.1 Customer Committee 
    5.2 Machinery-of-Government changes 
    5.3 Engaging new customers 
    5.4 Customer Service Improvements 
    5.5 New Customer Projects
    5.6 Customer Service Catalogue
    5.7 Outlook for 2014-15 

  6. AR 2013-14 Our Performance

    6.1 Project Delivery and Architecture
    6.2 Service Operations
    6.2.1 Technical Support Services
    6.2.2 Workplace and Business Applications Services
    6.2.3 Infrastructure Services
    6.2.4 Service Transition and Improvement Services
    6.3 Customer Engagement 
    6.4 Highlights and Achievements 
    6.5 Strategy Coordination 
    6.6 Corporate Support
    6.6.1 Human Resources 
    6.6.2 Finance Services 
    6.6.3 Chief Information Office (CIO) 
    6.6.4 Procurement Services

  7. AR 2013-14 Our People

    7.1 Our Workforce 
    7.2 Employment and Conduct Principles 
    7.3 Occupational Health and Safety

  8. AR 2013-14 Outlook

    8.1 Background 
    8.2 The Future 
    8.3 Challenges and Priorities 
    8.4 Our Focus

  9. AR 2013-14 Financial Report
  10. AR 2013-14 Other Disclosures

    10.1 Disclosures 
    10.1.1 Implementation of the Victorian Industry Participation Policy 
    10.1.2 Consultancies 
    10.1.3 Disclosure of major contracts 
    10.1.4 Freedom of Information Act 1982 
    10.1.5 Building and maintenance compliance 
    10.1.6 National Competition Policy 
    10.1.7 Compliance with Whistleblowers Protection Act 2001 
    10.1.8 Office-based environmental impacts 
    10.1.9 Additional information 
    10.2 Disclosure Index 
    10.3 Our Websites 
    10.4 Glossary of Terms