CEO's Award for Excellence

CEO Award - Courtney Barnes

Cenitex organisational change analyst Courtney Barnes embodies all of Cenitex's values, and can be trusted to attend any meeting on behalf of the organisation.

Those were the words of Chief Executive Michael Vanderheide as he presented Courtney with his 2017 Award for Excellence recently.

Courtney was nominated for the award by Cloud program manager Adam Gernon after she was seconded into the program coordinator role, and was also involved in Cenitex's own transition to Office 365 as change management support.

Adam said she showed a natural ability for process and keeping people informed. She was also a valued contributor in meetings and the person who people asked for an opinion.

“Courtney is always calm, has great empathy, and takes everything in her stride. She has the respect of her peers and ELT, and is always reliable, capable and dependable.

“She is able to connect to people on any level with great ease and understanding.”

Courtney said the recognition was humbling and a great compliment.

“I’ve loved being in a position to get out and meet our customers, not just our IT counterparts in various departments, but regular people getting their job done. Introducing them to Office 365 and seeing their faces as they start to understand, and then realise the benefits of new technology gives me a kick."

“On a more personal note, I’ve been very fortunate to have the encouragement and freedom at Cenitex to shift into a new role (both for me, and the company) and really stretch myself whilst also knowing that I’ve got a great support network behind me, across all levels of the organisation. It’s a rare thing in a company the size of Cenitex and I feel very lucky.”

Courtney said the focus Cenitex was putting on being “customer-centric” was something she was most looking forward to in the coming year.

“I’m really looking forward to playing a role in embedding that thinking across the organisation and then seeing the flow of effects with customers that I get to deal with.”