International Women’s Day 2018 – Press for Progress

Today marks International Women’s Day, a celebration of the economic, political, and cultural achievements of women across the globe. It is also a catalyst for #PressforProgress – this year’s theme, and something we are not taking lightly.

Here at Cenitex, we are making progress. At the senior leadership level, women now make up almost half of our board, executive leadership team and our general manager’s group.

But that balance is not reflective of our wider organisation, where women make up only 21 per cent of our workforce. We know we’ll be a stronger organisation if we can address this imbalance, and we are striving for parity and equality.

One measure we have taken is the establishment of our Women in Cenitex forum. It aims to empower women and expand conversation to address broad and complex social issues, such as juggling a career with parental responsibilities, and the widely-held perception that ICT is a ‘no go’ sector among school aged girls. Our Women in Cenitex forum is also engaging men in gender equality.

These are small but potentially significant steps, and we will continue to drive that essential change.

Today is also an important occasion to recognise that not all women are afforded the same opportunities as those here in Australia. We, as a global collective, must strive to ensure all women are given basic opportunities such as access to education and work. We must recognise the barbarism of forced marriage and genital mutilation in other parts of the world. Sexual violence and exploitation are also commonplace. These issues need continuous awareness for any significant change to take place.

So today, let us acknowledge the path ahead while we celebrate the extraordinary contribution ordinary women are making every single day.