Meet our Future Leaders


Cenitex is celebrating the success of its graduate program with its 2017 intake nearing completion of their rotations, and another 10 graduates starting in January.

This year’s crop – Bo Duan, Fengyu Gao, AJ Paul, and Stefan Carton have been exposed to a wide range of areas and roles within Cenitex over the past year.

These areas included Asset and Configuration Management, Customer Engagement, Innovation and Delivery, Change Management, Operational Security Services, Monitoring, Delivery Assurance, and Servers and Operating Systems.

The aim of varying rotations is to grow graduates’ skills and knowledge, and help them refine their interests in the IT sector as their careers progress.

AJ came into the program with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics), and a Master of Information and Communications Technology – Networking.

He says his passion is in networks but working across different areas has given him a greater appreciation for all aspects of the work Cenitex does.

“When I was in monitoring, I said I love it here,” he says.

“And I’ve now said that about every rotation.”

AJ says a highlight of the graduate program was when he chaired a Technical Review Group meeting.

This followed an eight-week build-up plan so he had a strong understanding of what was to be involved.

“I took it as an opportunity to improve myself,” AJ says.

Fellow graduate Fengyu says the program has given her the motive to “try everything, especially the unfamiliar and challenging”.

Some of her work includes working through tickets about SPAM emails, blocked websites, proxy issues and whitelisting.

The work involves investigation and troubleshooting, as well as an element of customer communication, providing updates and outcomes.

“The best way to grow up is to go out of your way to do the challenging work,” Fengyu says.

Bo says his entry into the graduate program was unexpected, having been unsuccessful in his job search for several months prior to applying for his current role.

To give himself a break, he booked a trip to Japan but was then invited to the Graduate Assessment Day, which he attended the day before flying out.

“I was so excited about my holiday that I didn’t focus as much on being my ‘most employable’, and instead relaxed into being myself. I promptly got the job,” he says.

Bo says a highlight of his time here was being invited by the Account Manager and Service Delivery Manager of the Department of Environment. Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to attend a meeting with the DELWP chief information officer.

He says that despite feeling “kind of small as a graduate, surrounded by these important people”, going to the meeting exposed him to senior leadership and what the conversation at that level is like.

“It opened my mind to what Cenitex does from a customer perspective and was interesting to see what the customer needs are first-hand, and how Cenitex services them,” he says.

Stefan says the program offered him a unique opportunity to gain government experience early in his career.

“It has been a great opportunity to work with lots of skilled professionals who have been eager to share their experience and their skills with me,” he says.

Stefan says the past year has been a formative experience and given him a better idea of where he wants to take his career in IT.

“I have been enjoying working with the Business Analysis team in delivery assurance but I do miss some of the technical roles so if I could find some happy middle ground, that would be fantastic. Solutions Consultant could be a nice step in that direction,” he says.

With applicants for Cenitex’s 2018 graduate program recently invited in for the Assessment Day, all four participants in this year’s program were on hand to calm nerves and offer sage advice.

Fengyu’s advice for the incoming cohort of graduates is to not be afraid to ask questions.

“Even if you don’t know your exact career plan, try to do things in different areas and you will figure it out eventually.”

Bo says to learn as much as you can from everyone, whether it is someone in your immediate team or other.

“Different rotations mean you can cross-skill and share the knowledge you have,” he says.

Our 2018 Cenitex Graduates will be announced soon.

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