Our new graduates are here

After the success of our 2017 graduate program, seven new graduates started with Cenitex recently as part of this year's program. The 12-month program sees graduates rotate through different areas of the business to gain a better understanding of what Cenitex does, our customers, and to find what aspect of ICT excites them. Here, we introduce you to them.

New graduates

(L-R): Tenasha Fernandez; Samuel He; Rob Del Vecchio; Wakeel Noorkhan; Jayesh Parab; Nick Ellison; Sahana Thanigasalam.


Wakeel Noorkhan 

First rotation: Customer solutions

A career in IT was not always the plan for Wakeel, after initially studying architectural drafting in his home country of Mauritius. A decade later and with a Bachelor of Business Information Systems from Swinburne and industry-based learning (IBL) at Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria under his belt, he feels he is finally on the right path. 

“I was always really good at the technical side of my architectural studies - computers, drafting – so I was helping my friends troubleshoot issues. My sister works in IT as well, in Mauritius,” Wakeel says. 

“So I was thinking, I want to do more study, go back to university. I had a diploma and wanted a full degree. I have a really good friend who is in the IT industry here in Melbourne. He told me what his job is about, what he does. He travels a lot interstate and overseas for work, and that was attractive to me, as well as the challenges he faced in his work. We looked at a list of courses together and I decided Business Information Systems would be general enough for me to get a feel of it. He’s been a really good mentor to me.” 

Wakeel says Cenitex’s graduate program was a chance to get his foot in the ICT industry, as well as have an impact of the everyday lives of Victorians. 

“I saw a list of Cenitex’s customers and thought how amazing it is, the broad projects it would have, and the impact it could have on lives. It would be an opportunity to work in the public service, as well as get great exposure and experience,” he says. 

“I’m expecting to apply some of what I’ve learned from university and my IBL, as well as gain new knowledge, new skills, grow my networks, and meet new people.” 

Nick Ellison 

First rotation: Human Resources

Nick is this year’s generalist graduate and won’t be going through the ICT stream. Instead, he’ll work across HR, strategy and governance, and customer strategy, which aligns more closely with his post-graduate studies in public policy and management at University of Melbourne. Getting those opportunities is one of the reasons Nick chose to apply for the Cenitex graduate program.  

“There seems to be a lot of synergy between those areas of the business and what I studied, which is important to me as I have a strong passion for policy. Also, Cenitex is just a really interesting organisation. I’m interested in growing my knowledge of it and get a better grasp of how it delivers shared services across the public sector. I also get the opportunity to rotate through different divisions and figure out where the best fit for my skills is in Cenitex. That’s a priority.” 

Working in the private sector for an energy generator and retailer has given Nick some perspective of the direction he wants his career to go.  

“It’s well-paid in private but it can also produce challenges in terms of factors like work/life balance. Here, you can managing those factors much better, while also working in the public sector for a state-owned enterprise trying to deliver substantive good for organisations like DJR, DHHS and DPC,” he says.  

“In terms of my work motivators, it aligns really well with what I want to do. The public sector also holds you accountable, and it makes you think about not just getting things done but doing them the right way, which is important as well.”  

Sahana Thanigasalam 

First rotation: Customer strategy

A foot in the door of an ICT organisation is all Sahana wanted after completing her Bachelor of Business Information Systems at RMIT. After combining her studies with work in financial services, the Cenitex graduate program provided the perfect opportunity. 

“I’ve always had an interest in technology and the impact it has on society, and the leaps and bounds it takes,” she says. 

“I hadn’t heard of Cenitex before I began searching for graduate positions but even though it’s only 10-years-old, it has a history and seems exciting. Its customer base is also appealing, and the program has a dedicated ICT stream whereas a lot of others I applied for revolved around help support, and I wanted to be able to get away from that and liaise with clients and have a more engaging role.” 

But Sahana isn’t a typical ICT graduate – she’s currently undertaking post-graduate law studies online through Deakin. 

“My long-term goal is to combine IT and law so we’ll see how that goes.” 

Robert Del Vecchio 

First rotation: Risk analysis

Rob was always the go-to for technical help amongst his friends at school. It was a natural progression for him to then undertake his Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in computer science at Deakin, and find a graduate program in IT. 

“I’ve always liked using computers and seeing how they work, and the intricacies surrounding them, and how we can facilitate the modern business and speed up communications using IT,” he says. 

After graduating from university, it was a long search to find a graduate program that catered to his interests. Getting accepted into Cenitex’s was the opportunity he had been seeking. 

“It caught my eye because it was a State Government service. I want to see how that is ran, and how it provides services for all the other departments,” he says. 

“I want to develop a broad modern skillset that applies to modern trends. I want to learn how the business operates, all the different technical work, and see how the red tape and how accountability and transparency works.” 

“This is an introduction to the IT world and to see if it’s for me.” 

Tenasha Fernandez 

First rotation: Asset and Configuration Management

Tenasha was supposed to take another class in her final year of high school but circumstances led her to enrol in IT instead. It was a telling experience, and she followed it with a Bachelor of Business Information Systems at RMIT. 

“After I did IT in Year 12, I really liked it and thought it was an interesting path to take. I wanted to give it a go, and then I did a placement in my third year of my degree and realised I wanted to work in corporate IT or something similar,” she says. 

“With the Cenitex graduate program, I knew there’d be opportunities to work across different fields, and I wanted to get that really broad experience to see what each is like before I make a decision on where I want to focus my career on.” 

With her first rotation already underway, Tenasha is hoping to get as much experience as she can and learn from those around her. 

“I hope to find out what I like and what I don’t like, and improve my technical skills.” 

Jayesh Parab 

First rotation: Risk analysis

Despite the distance from his home and family in Mumbai, Jayesh feels settled here after living in Melbourne for the past 2.5 years. So much so, that he has already applied for permanent residency. 

He initially moved here to complete post-graduate studies in business information systems at Monash following a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in electronics in Mumbai. 

He loved it so much that he sought to extend his stay through employment. Working in IT was an obvious choice. 

“After completing my bachelor degree, I didn’t get a chance to work in engineering but I got a chance to work in IT. That really inspired me to get a job in IT after finishing my masters because of how much I enjoyed it,” Jayesh says. 

He says the Cenitex graduate program gives him a unique platform to combine his skills and build upon them, with an opportunity to help Victorians. 

“I am a technical person so all of the rotations I applied for are technical. My aim is to learn as much as I can from each of them,” he says. 

Jayesh’s career ambitions are to work in databases and data analysis. 

Samuel He 

First rotation: Risk analysis

It was starting an undergraduate degree in science that led to Samuel discovering his passion in IT; after not enjoying his studies, he called on his interest in IT he had developed in high school and switched to a Bachelor of Business Information Systems at Monash instead. 

“IT just clicked for me,” he says. 

Our most recent graduate – he literally completed his final assessment last week – applied for Cenitex’s graduate program because of the opportunities it would afford him. 

“It was the number of rotations and areas you can choose. Coming from a broad degree – we did a bit of database, a bit of coding, a bit of everything – I wasn’t really sure what I enjoyed most so Cenitex would give me a good opportunity to get experience and make a decision on what I want to do,” he says. 

“I’m really hoping to develop new skills, and learn new technologies.” 

Samuel says he is most looking forward to his Innovation and Delivery rotation.