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Business Solutions

Application Development

We offer the development and deployment of bespoke customer software solutions, with the exact scope driven by the customer requirements.

Customers may request for any application from simple low-code O365 Power Platform solutions through to full custom development solutions. Solutions that require skills outside the scope of the in-house team will be provided via external partners. 

The service provides effort to understand customer requirements and its translation into a proposal of up to 4hrs before becoming chargeable. Chargeable time will be discussed with customers and approved by the customer before the effort is expended.

What’s Included

The service encompasses the following.

  • Advisory Services
  • Strategic Roadmap planning
  • Application Development
  • Staff / Vendor Support
  • Cenitex SaaS


The overall service has constraints.

  • The customer requires underlying platforms and environments to host their applications eg.
    • Development environment – for developing applications
    • Test environment – for deploying production-ready apps and code for testing
    • Production environment – for hosting the live application
  • Licensing
    • The customer requires licensing provisioned in line with the solution outlined in the project proposal.
    • For Microsoft Power Platform solutions, a User-level license is required (to provide access to an unlimited number of Power Platform apps).



Service Level

  • Request fulfilment business hours