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Application Modernisation Wrap

The Application Modernisation Wrap Service is a solution offered by Cenitex to allow customers to uplift legacy applications, hosted on old, often unsupported versions of Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems.

The uplift is done by safely re-platforming the application to another Windows server running a more recent OS version.

The solution is deployed by capturing and packaging the legacy application and associated system dependencies into a self-contained logical package, allowing it to run transparently on the new Windows Server OS, whether on the VicGov Private Cloud, Public Cloud or any other hosting location.

Application Packaging features
The application compatibility packaging service is a solution provided by Cenitex in partnership with a third-party technology partner.

It aims to extend the product lifecycle of legacy applications running on outdated Microsoft Server Operating Systems (Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 and 2012) by safely redeploying them in the latest Windows versions available in the market.

What’s included

The Cenitex Application Packaging service includes the following engagement phases:

Application Discovery – Phase 1

  • Identification of application owners
  • Completion of Discovery Documentation
  • Application walkthrough and functional scope agreement

Application Uplift – Phase 2 

  • Supply of software source media or provision of reverse packaging logs in the event that software source media is unavailable
  • Creation of UAT Plan
  • Creation of Application Compatibility Package(s)
  • Implementation of Application Modernisation
  • Smoke testing of Application Compatibility Package(s)

Software License – Ongoing

  • Annual license for Application Packaging software

Annual Health Checks – Ongoing

  • Assessment and remediation of compatibility issues caused by configuration changes in the legacy applications, OS updates and patches post modernisation.
  • Annual Health Check is an optional for managed customers and mandatory for customers not managed by Cenitex.

Project Coordination included. 


  • Minimum of 5 servers
  • Customers to supply the server(s) (physical or virtual) and volume storage to be used as the target state for modernisation activities.
  • Completion of Phase 1 is a prerequisite for Phase 2
  • Customer to run User Acceptance Testing (UAT) as part of sign-off process


Virtual Server

Physical Server

Operating System and Support


Service Offer

The offering is based on a combination of one-off professional services and annual Health Checks. 

Per server costs vary depending on the total number of servers in scope

Service Level

  • 60-day warranty period
  • Request fulfilment business hours