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network and Security


LiteConnect provides connectivity for working from any remote secure sites that have a need to access GSP corporate applications, such as file / print services and / or internet hosted resources.
The service can enable customers to utilise internet and/or TPAMS links, taking advantage of lower carrier costs and ultimately lower customer operating expenses. Being a cloud managed service, this can provide customers with rapid deployment at new site location or allow for urgent response during instances of emergencies. 


  • Corporate network access to sites via internet connections or MPLS TPAMS Link (e.g., internet connections ordered by Cenitex or third parties). 
  • Capability to provide a backup path using 4G or another wired internet connection. Some sites will require continued connectivity in the event the internet link on-site fails as a high Availability Option.
  • Low-cost option to access the Cenitex network and consume services, previously only variable via expensive data links and infrastructure. 

What’s Included

  • Network endpoints securely connected to the cloud
  • Cloud-hosted centralize management platform
  • Endpoint high availability
  • Capability to provide a backup path using 4G or another wired internet connection 
  • Integration with Wi-Fi service
  • Stateful firewall
  • Site to site VPN
  • Branch routing
  • Link bonding and failover
  • Content filtering 
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Phishing
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Auto updates 
  • CISCO Meraki
  • Cisco Meraki Security Appliance
  • 3 Year Return Material Authorisation 
  • 3 Year Advance Security License 


  • Corporate network access

Existing sites that upgrade to a Meraki Service, CISCO do not guarantee Voice/Video/WAP services if Cisco Meraki Switches and or WAPs are not deployed.

Service Offer

This service delivered by Cenitex is based on Cisco Meraki Cloud offerings with Cenitex establishment and support options. Offered on an annual subscription per connected site.

Choose from one of the following

  • LiteConnect 10 (up to 10 Users)           
  • LiteConnect 100 (up to 100 Users)       
  • LiteConnect 200 (up to 200 Users)        
  • LiteConnect Rapid (up to 10 Users)       

Connectivity Options

  • Existing/new SiteLink (TPAMs)
  • Internet 

Site Resilience Options 

  • LiteConnect Diverse Path                     
  • LiteConnect Local Redundancy             

Site Resilience Options are only available to “LiteConnect 100 and LiteConnect 200” options