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Tech Story

Modern Desktop

powered by Microsoft Intune

Hear from Victor and Goran from Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions about their recent proof of concept.

Opportunity and solution

Department of Jobs, Skills, Industries and Regions together with Cenitex, completed a proof of concept for Cenitex Modern Desktop.

Cenitex Modern Desktop is a whole of Victorian Government service, powered by Microsoft Intune. This desktop solution enables government departments and agencies to manage their organisation’s desktops and software, centrally and remotely. It also enables their employees to securely work from anywhere, on any device, at any time.

Victor Ekladious, Director of IT Operations, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure and Goran Djumic, Manager Telecommunications and Infrastructure from Department of Jobs, Skills, Industries and Regions spoke to us about their Modern Desktop proof of concept with Cenitex.

Victor noted, “With Windows 10, Microsoft is indicating end of life is 2025. We’re really looking to get ahead so that we’re in a position where we can start to deploy and not be caught out in terms of time. This will allow us to do the rigour of testing for our business units.”

“We had a bit of baggage from our previous pilot experience with Digital Workplace. The experience was choppy. We didn’t see the full realisation of what was being offered. But this time round, with Cenitex Modern Desktop, it was led entirely by Cenitex, from their technical team to our account manager. Their approach of “try it out and let’s collaborate and share our experiences’ from early in the process worked for us. We’re seeing Cenitex be more progressive in identifying problems and opportunities and then coming to us. And then supporting us to get there””

Outcomes and impact

Victor stated, “It offers benefits to the end users, our employees, in terms of flexibility – whether it be bring your own device, corporate device or Mac. Which perhaps over the years has been somewhat neglected. So that those folks can come on board with all the corporate tools and systems without having to chop and change.”

“In terms of security, the benefit is in minimising data loss and data loss prevention. And also goes towards business continuity planning as well,” Victor said.

Goran added, “It also supports hybrid working which inadvertently effects the accommodation footprint and the cost of servicing the whole building and number of floors. Versus a flexible workforce that can work anywhere.”

Victor and Goran’s recommendations for their government peers

Victor advised, “Get in early. End of life for Microsoft Windows 10 is 2025. Sure, they might keep it running a little longer but why put yourself in a position whereby you have to rely on patches and security uplift and extended support and all those things. It’s coming anyway so get in early?”

Victor continued, “Think about your workforce – the operating model and the cloud-based environment. There’s a lot of project work like exiting the Burwood data centre. There are lots of changes coming down the pipeline and are being worked on now. It will be a shame not to learn from everything that has happened in the last few years in how we can operate and build on top of that. Instead of finding yourself in the position of “how am I going to do my business now that this has happened?””

Goran agreed, “Have a look at your license agreement. If you have already Microsoft 365 E5, Intune should be a no brainer. You’re already paying for it. It’s a cloud-based solution already part of your license.”

Why partner with Cenitex?

“Cenitex is a one stop shop for us. We have been working together for so many years. It’s a logical path for us to look internally for progress in deploying platforms to help as work better,” said Goran.

Victor explained, “We’re finding Cenitex, particularly this year, has been more forward in coming to us with solutions and identifying problems such as Lotus Notes, Domino and the decommissioning of the Burwood Data Centre. There has been a lot of early engagement in bringing us along on the journey. And Cenitex has taken into account our input to improve.”

“The Cenitex technology ecosystem is very important. Particularly when you consider not just the infrastructure but the support element too. So, when we try to determine a root cause is a network issue or operating environment or a packaged application, the Cenitex ecosystem includes technical and account-based support as well,” said Victor. “With Machinery of Government and ministerial changes, in partnering with Cenitex, and via Modern Desktop, these changes can happen more easily. For us and other government departments”, concluded Victor.

About Modern Desktop

Our Modern Desktop is part of our complete Modern Workplace offering – designed and managed by government, for government. Our solutions include Microsoft 365, desktop-as-a-service, mobile device management and application development. Our Modern Desktop supersedes our GO Desktop offering which, with Windows 10, will reach its end of end of life on 14 October 2025.

Value at a glance:

  • Up to 75% reduced operational disruption for IT teams via remote configuration and rapid deployment
  • Up to 50% reduction in device boot up time
  • Enhanced data security and capability across all devices and locations, including remote
  • End to end IT support 24/7 across technical support, account management and Service Centre
  • Central and remote onboarding and offboarding of employees and devices
  • Device agnostic and simplified app management, compliance and reporting via easy to use app-like experience
  • Up to 20% saving compared to Cenitex GO Desktop pricing
  • 5% below market rate prices, year on year

If you want to learn more about Modern Desktop please contact your Account Management team, or send us an email at