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Our Women Leaders

our women leaders

“Links also exist between having more women directors and corporate sustainability, as well as with economic growth, since more diverse leadership teams can cater to a broader array of stakeholder needs and concerns. Unlocking these benefits requires focused action to address the underlying causes of persistent gender gaps in a systemic way.”

2016 Global Gender Gap Report, World Economic Forum

Senior leadership teams set the tone and the norms for any business and without strong inclusive leadership, it’s even harder for women to thrive and succeed in historically male-dominated industries.

At Cenitex, women represent 24 per cent of the workforce, which is higher than our industry average of 20 per cent. There is a strong representation of women at CEO and executive levels. We are a proud leader with strong representation of women at our senior levels in comparison with other Australian-based organisations in the computing and technology industry.

Meet our senior women leaders.

Frances Cawthra


Sharon Copeland-Smith

Executive Director, Service Management

Alexis Ewing

Executive Director, Infrastructure Services