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network and Security


GO Phish educates users in identifying and dealing with phishing emails used by malicious users to This service facilitates the secure exchange of files from externally hosted sources to the internal corporate network via the internet. 
GO FEX encompasses the delivery of a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site, creation of automated FTP jobs to push/pull files from the outside source, file drop location for FTP transfers, monthly reporting and on-going business hours support when required by customers.

What’s Included

  • First level support
  • FTP site management
  • SSL certificate providing transfer security
  • Web portal front end access for easy 
  • to use “drag and drop” transfers
  • Active Directory identity credentials 
  • to access the FTP site
  • Up to five external user accounts for third party access
  • Up to four automated FTP jobs automating file transfers
  • Monthly reports detailing activity 
  • such as file transfers, user logon and storage used
  • 5Gb of transit storage


  • WAN

Service Offer

Annual subscription per site.

  • FTP site

Managed Service Request

  • A one-off request to establish or modify a service.
  • Establishment for 
  • department/agencyPOA

Key Metrics and Servicing

  • Service Availability 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment, business days 8am to 6pm
  • Service performance 99.8%