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Network AND Security

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS) provides the ability to identify, evaluate, prioritise, remediate, and report on the vulnerabilities that exist on Government Shared Platform.

The VMaaS delivers a continuous view of the vulnerabilities in a customer’s environment, allowing Cenitex to properly plan a remediation strategy, reducing our attack surface to malicious users and assist customers with identifying vulnerabilities that exist in customer managed systems and applications, providing:

  • Real-time dashboard visibility and reporting of vulnerabilities that exist in assets
  • Provide reports with associated content for different audiences
  • Continuous scanning, monitoring, analysing, and rating risk for every asset in real-time, customers will get an up-to-date view of the vulnerabilities that exist in their assets. This can be used to rate risk and prioritise remediation activities.
  • Continuously scan, monitor, analyse and rate risk in real-time for every single assets and Active Directory domain. Providing up to date reports on the current state of the environment and the associated risks for compliance reporting.

VMaaS Terms and Conditions

What’s included

  • Provision and management of VMaaS
  • Support and Lifecyle management of backend infrastructure
  • Licensing management
  • Policy enforcement
  • Real-time dashboard visibility
  • Automated report generation for email delivery
  • Triaging of support calls
  • IT Service Centre
  • Incident and change management


  • Customers must be on the Cenitex managed network to access the VMaaS web portal.
  • Access to the VM dashboard, an active directory account will be required.



Service Offer

Annual subscription per user for a whole department or agency

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Available 99.8%