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professional services

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure Design assistance when a customer requires a new service or change to a Cenitex service. 
Cenitex will work with you to define the infrastructure services for your overall solution to establish an environment that meets your business needs.

What’s Included

  • Tender advice on Cenitex Hosting Services and Whole of Victorian Government standard platforms
  • Technical infrastructure advice and input into the overall solution design
  • Technical infrastructure design in collaboration with the application vendor
  • Quality Assurance of Technical Architecture
  • Identify infrastructure gaps, risks and issues
  • Optimised infrastructure solution by leveraging the Cenitex Enterprise Platforms
  • Implementation proposal

Managed Service Request

  • A one-off request to establish or modify a service.
  • Establish Bandwidth Allocation                             
  • Reduce Bandwidth Allocation                                     

Key Metrics and Servicing

  • Service availability 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment, business days 8am to 6pm
  • Service performance 99.8%

Service Offer

Daily subscription for an agreed period. 

  • Solution Architect                                                     
  • Business Analyst

Managed Service Request

A one-off request to establish or modify a service.

Key Metrics and Servicing

  • Design staff may only work a maximum of 7.6 hours each business day.
  • Design staff allocated to your work will not be replaced during periods of illness unless that period will exceed a week.
  • Typically, Design staff allocated to your work will not have annual leave within the period. During long engagements, staff that take leave will be replaced by negotiation with your Account team but is subject to resource availability.