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professional services

Security Consulting

Cenitex provides a variety of information technology security services, ranging from security policy development to intrusion detection support, to maintain and improve our overall security program.

What’s Included

  • Vulnerability and threat management which provides customers with the preventative, detection, and corrective measures needed to help limit the frequency and impact of security incidents 
  • Protection against malicious code using Virus and Spyware detection software deployed on all supported Cenitex desktops, notebooks and servers 
  • Limited security incident management which includes incident coordination and incident handling complying with Cenitex Incident Management Policy 
  • Intrusion Detection Services to provide a proactive threat management
  • Monthly report and analysis

Service Offer

Daily subscription for an agreed period.

  • Risk Management                                                     
  • Security Policy Development                                 
  • Yearly Audit by VAGO                                               
  • Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

Key Metrics and Servicing

  • Security staff work a maximum of 7.6 hours each business day.
  • Security staff allocated to your work will not be replaced during periods of illness unless that period will exceed a week.
  • Typically, Security staff allocated to your work will not have annual leave within the period. During long engagements, staff that take leave will be replaced by negotiation with your Account team but is subject to resource availability.