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professional services

Solution Delivery

IWhen you need a new service or to change an existing Cenitex service, we will work with you to agree on a scope of work and manage the service delivery.
An experienced Project Manager will be assigned to ensure Cenitex services are delivered to customer requirements, while remaining consistent with Cenitex standards.

What’s Included

  • Detailed delivery planning based on project scope outlines in proposal and associated documentation
  • Review and update (if required) of estimated cost in proposal, based on detailed delivery plan, including customer acceptance of revised cost
  • Breakdown of the total cost of establishment and ongoing operational support
  • Coordinate equipment provisioning, receipt and/or transport (if required)
  • Collaborate with you to document the ‘acceptance plan’ for the technology being implemented
  • Promptly identify and escalate risks and issues
  • Regular project progress reports

Service Offer

  • Hourly subscription for an agreed period. 
  • Solution Consultant Pre-Sales (2 Business Days) 
  • Proposal Preparation                                               
  • Solution Consultant Proposal Preparation

Key Metrics and Servicing

  • Proposal Preparation 10 Business Days