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WORkplace Computing

GO Desktop 365

Tailored for the Victorian Government, GO 365 Desktop provides a standard desktop platform complemented with identity management, desktop device management, managed local and wide area networks and more, making it the perfect place to begin any digital transformation journey. 
The GO 365 Desktop service is comprised of a standard desktop platform and is consumed in conjunction with the Go Office 365 Service variants. 

Service Variables 
​​​​​​​The GO Desktop 365 must be consumed in conjunction with one of the GO Office 365 variants (GO Office Standard or GO Office Advanced) 

For further details refer to the Service Parts Catalogue.

What’s included

  • GO Desktop 365
  • Desktop Express
  • Desktop Device Management
  • Application White Listing 
  • Virtual Desktop Environment 
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Password Blacklisting
  • Volume Storage (1GB Home Drive)
  • Storage Backup and Restore 
  • LAN  
  • WAN
  • Security Services
  • First level support
  • Second level support
  • Internet (Levy)

Service Level

  • ​​​​​​​Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
  • Available 99.8%

Refer to the Service Parts Catalogue and Service Supplement for more detailed information.


  • Productivity Application Upgrade                     
  • Exchange Online Shared Mailbox                         
  • Team Meeting Rooms


  • Power BI Professional                                               
  • Power BI Embedding Node EM1                               
  • Power BI Premium Dedicate Node P1                    
  • Power BI Premium Dedicate Node P2                   
  • Power BI Premium Dedicate Node P3                   
  • Dynamics Team Member                                       
  • Dynamics Full Capability                                         
  • PowerApps Plan 1                                                       
  • PowerApps Plan 2                               
  • Power Automate Plan 1                                             
  • Power Automate Plan 2                                           
  • Project Online P1                                                         
  • Project Online P3                                                       
  • Project Online P5                                                       
  • Visio Professional                                                       
  • Additional SharePoint  Storage                  
  • Printing Support                                                         
  • Second Factor Authentication                               
  • Local Administration Access                                 
  • VIP Support                                                                 
  • Additional Volume Storage for Home Drive
  • Additional Storage Backup Home Drive