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WORkplace Computing

Second Factor Authentication

Second Factor Authentication connects customers to the internal corporate network from PC, Notebook, and other mobile devices when connected to the internet.

What’s Included

  • WoVG standard “second factor” authentication delivered via Secure Hardware Token or Secure Software Token (Smartphone App)
  • First level support


  • Digital Workplace
  • Go Desktop
  • Go Desktop DFFH/DoH
  • Go Desktop Non-Tenant
  • Virtual Workplace


  • None

Service Offer

  • Annual subscription per token
  • Second Factor Authentication Hard Token Offering (Token)
  • Second Factor Authentication Soft Token Offering (Token)

Service Request

  • A once-off request to establish or modify a service
  • Establishment of Hard Token
  • Establishment of Soft Token
  • Reassignment of Hard Token
  • Reassignment of Soft Token
  • Replacement of expired Hard Token
  • Replacement of expired Soft Token
  • Replacement of lost Hard Token
  • Replacement of lost Soft Token
  • Disable Hardware Token

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Available 99.8%