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WORkplace Computing

Virtual Workplace

The Virtual Workplace service provides fully managed Windows 10 virtual desktops that can be accessed from the corporate network or remotely via internet.

Virtual Workplace provides additional flexibility when it comes to hybrid working. It includes a pool of virtual desktops that are provisioned from a single departmental specific image. Each image includes all the required base productivity and business applications for each department.

Tailored for the Victorian Government, Virtual Workplace delivers a managed pooled virtual desktop that complies with Whole of Victorian Government standards for Information and Communications Technology.

The Virtual workplace service is also accessible to non-customer staff, consultants, or agency’s affiliated with the customer. 

Provides for Customers that subscribe to the Shared Government Microsoft Tenancy and Customers that have their own Microsoft Tenancy

Customers determine the GO Office 365 option that they subscribe to for the whole Department/Agency. 

This Service Package is offered as a quarterly subscription.

What’s included

  • Virtual Desktop


    Digital Workplace
    GO Desktop
    GO Desktop DFFH/DoH
    GO Desktop Non-Tenant


Application Packaging

Executive IT Support

Printing Support

Second Factor Authentication


Storage Backup and Restore

VIP Support

Service Offer

The offering is based on an annual subscription per device basis for a whole department or agency.

Service Level

  • Accessible 24/7/365
  • Request fulfilment business hours
  • Available 99.8%